Vampires, from ancient decades to forever

Vampires, is one of the many mythical creatures appointed to the big screen. The story develops from European continent and becomes one nightmare movie lovers. Vampire figure varies from time to time. Starting from Vampire look that makes us surprised, to some that can make us fall in love. The figure of the vampire is constantly changing, from time to time. His figure was no longer merely spooky. Although his hobby is still the same, drink the blood.
vampire costumes
Here's one of the early images of vampires. If we see from the story that developed in European folk, indeed this is how vampires should be. His hobbies suck human blood, human and terrorize peaceful life. It’s the figure of the vampire which is indeed very scary. he was tall, wearing a long dark robe, with a pale face, red eyes, and do not miss the pointy ears and sharp fangs of course. Many people who believe that the figure of the vampire as it is what the most sinister figure of the vampire is.

Who says vampires is not trendy? Let's see first movie Lost Boys (1987). Kiefer Sutherland so major chord in the film. The figure of the vampire in the movie was performed with costumes that much different if you compare with Nosferatu. He wore Leather jacket, mullet hair, tight pants, and other biker-style accessories, a mainstay of the vampire in the movie.
vampire costumesvampire costumesvampire costumes
Roman Polanski is arguably the first to make a vampire comedy movie. Through the film The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967), the audience is not anymore treated with a scary vampire.

Leslie Nielsen has ever done the same thing. With a casual look, but still targeting human blood, the film Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995) successfully made the audience laugh. Leslie Nielsen appearance in the film was far from the image of the scary  vampire, especially with the ridiculous acting. Vampire no longer makes the audience glued to the figure of a creepy vampire.

Vampires can also look sexy!
Those who do not believe, please just check out a movie called From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). There's only one reason to watch the movie. Especially if it was not for actresses, Salma Hayek, who really sexy in that movie?
vampire makeupvampire makeup
Later, the movie Twilight (2008) raised the vampire who became a symbol of sex. Just ask the girls at school. Who would not agree if the character of Edward Cullen is sexy? Surely all in agree.
Obviously, vampire recently emerged sex symbol notion close to the title, or the charismatic bad boy. Why, those mysterious levels remain high, but it is supported by the appearance and the look that much if you compare the era vampire Nosferatu.

In the era of modern cinema, increasingly rare vampire costumes are complicated to use. There's no longer a long dark robe, which sometimes had a high collar to cover the neck. Vampires no longer need to wear a white shirt, a red belt, and shiny hair slicked back.
Let's look at the cast of the Twilight movie series, or serial range of The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood. All vampires that appear in the titles already have same appearance with ordinary people. They dress up like ordinary people, and had not much different behavior as well.

Actually all you need are fake fangs and dramatic eye makeup, is a good start for eye makeup styling, then you can go to costume party and get those guys scared the hell out.
vampire costumes vampire costumes